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Bareback Polerider

Cock Loving Bottom

This shelter in place finally drove me cock-craving mad. So Saturday night I snapped and posted an add on BBRT for a COVID safe breeding. The ad was titled “Morgan Hill Bottom Needs Drive Up Shooting” and said; “can’t take it any more, cock starved bottom need bred deep. Drive up, park on the street. I’ll be bent over in the side yard black sweats around my ankles, mask on my face, lubed and ready for your hard cock. Slide it in, fuck me senseless, shoot you load deep and bail.. . . or guide me into the side door of the garage if you don’t want to fuck  me in the open. I’ll send you my phone number and then text you the address”.  It wasn’t long before I got my first email….”send address 555-0869”  I just hit send and almost immediately he responsed “on my way, be ready, ETA 12 min.” Yep…..he fucked me senseless, loaded me so full I felt in blasting deep inside, and bailed without saying anything. Now that I’m deep lubed, and have six more emails I hope the next guy hurry’s over!! I like this whole drive by breeding thing. Wanna cum over??  ;)

We had been staying up at Squaw Valley celebrating hubby’s birthday. After a fun day on the slopes we went down to the lodge and were having drinks around the fireplace when we met Chase. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him or the large bulge in his pants and his clearly followed my ass when I walked back to the bar to get us some more drinks. He and hubby had been talking and when I got backI realized that hubby had set everything in motion to get Chase to fuck me. We ran back to the room but none of us had any condoms so we decided Chase would raw dog me and then pull out to cum. His was the first raw cock I had ever felt inside me….it was the most awesome, unbelievable feeling. Suddenly he stopped and held real still as my hole was spasming and squeezing around his shaft, Oh fuck, I’m going to cum he shouted…looking back over his shoulder at my husband who was fiercely beating his cock. Im going to cum he said again and all I could do was moan “oh god keeping fucking me, cum inside me stud, breed me!” Chase really went to town on my ass pumping his DNA deep in my guts…..Hubby said that was one of the best birthday orgasms EVER. I sure wasn’t going to argue.   That has now become his annual birthday tradition, setting me up for a good breeding no matter where in the world we happen to be. Want to help me celebrate his birthday next?? He would love to know a follower was fucking me sensless and seeding me deep. . . we'll even bring the ass to you!

Fuuuuck......I seriously need to get lost in Goblin Cave. Once the quarantine is over I think I'll need to satisfy a whole team of tops just to curb the hunger! 

Yes please

Oh yes, by all means....and bonus if you're looking to use me and take a pic of the dick cumming inside me! ;)

Oh my dear gawd...does anyone know who this top is?? I would BEG him to breed me. Anytime, any where, as often as he wanted!

Ooooh man, this is the a perfect cock n balls to spend a weekend worshiping, swallowing, riding and draining Dude, you say the word, I'll be there ass up and legs spread.

This guy has one of the most perfect cocks I have seen....this is a fantasy cock! If you know who he is....tell him to share that with as many bottoms as he can! I would travel across the country just for the privilige of riding that monument! The thickness is awe inspiring!

Once this quarantine is over I intend to spend every day for an entire week just like this bottom, gorging myself on cock and cum. Maybe, just maybe, that will help me feel fulfilled again!

Thankfully my husband loves to watch or hear about me enjoying myself with other men. He often brings men home so that I could satisfy my need for cock or sends me a stud’s Grindr profile to check out when I’m not out getting it for myself. This is the one he sent today. The uncut stud was clearly an Alpha top. I just knew I had to spread my legs and let this MAN have his way with me. His profile said “I only fuck raw” but I told him we had a strict “Condoms only” rule and so hubby and I agreed to invite him over. When he arrived I was certainly no match for him or his thick bull-cock that was perfectly visible in his running pants. “Get naked and on your kness” he commanded. I couldn’t believe how quickly I complied. In mere seconds my clothes were gone and I was kneeling in front of him. He freed that perfect cock from the confines and hauled it and the most beautiful set of full bull-balls up over the waistband. He reached out and guided my head toward his hot an sweaty nuts. I breathed in his scent and then I was lost as I sucked and licked his heavy balls. He pulled my head away and aimed that thick uncut cock into the wetness of my welcoming mouth. Before long he had it buried in my throat and he allowed me to let my tongue dart out to try to lick his balls. His taste and his scent were taking control of me and affecting me like no man I had ever been with. He pulled his cock out of my throat and held my head back as I looked up at him with a need he was used to seeing. “Stand up” he said as he backed up from me. So there I was standing before him buck ass naked. He pulled off his t-shirt, stepped out of his sweats and walked up behind my naked body. He stepped up behind me and wrapped his arm around my neck and instantly that perfect fat cock was poking between my hard butt cheeks. He slid the full length of that bull-cock up and down my crack so I could feel the heat and hardness of him. This MAN clearly knew exactly what he was doing. He began teasing my hole with the fat tip of his pre-cum dripping dick. Nudging the tip slowly in and out of me, testing my resolve to see if I would budge from our condoms only rule. My breathing was becoming more raspy and I found myself pushing my butt back into him. He leaned his head closer to mine, his lips brushing against my ear and in a deep breathy voice whispered “I want to fuck you so bad”. “Please…..” was all I could mutter. I could actually feel myself getting wet and my hole reflexively began to twitch with need. The stud looked across the room at my husband and said “If we go any further I’m going to turn your husband into my bitch and he’ll be taking my cock whenever I want him to…no turning back, clear?” My husband sat on the couch, pre-cum soaking through his gym shorts and said “I’d love to see him enjoy that bull-dick of yours, if he wants it, make him take it all.” The stud grinned, looked at me and said “Well, do you want it?” “Oh god Yes…..please” was all I could say. I could feel the tip of his dick, still wet from my throat juices, tapping at my hole. In that moment I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to have him, just as his thick mushroom head instinctually found its way into my wet gaping hole, which was practically begging to be fucked at this point. Seizing the moment, he skillfully slid his raw rock hard meat inside me all the way to the base. He quickly began to bareback my stuffed and stretch hole. “Please…Please…” I begged, so lost in the pure ecstasy of his rut I couldn’t finish my sentence. “Please what?” He growled as he slapped my ass and continued to fuck me raw, “Please wear a condom??” “Please cum in your ass? Or please give you my load??” It would be like absolute torture not having this Mans pure raw cock inside so I did the only thing I could…..I begged for this man to turn me into his cum-slut, to breed me in front of my husband. “Please cum in me, Sir, Please give your seed!” I begged. Moments later I felt the searing heat of his massive load as he filled me with his seed and marked my hole as his.

Me, after spending too long on here ;)

me... every fucking day and night. 

Please sir. Destroy my anus

Two weeks in lock down.....hours of surfing porn....yep this is exactly how i feel! PLEASE. . . FUCK ME!